90% of us have two lives -the one at home and the other at the office. Your home life has boundaries and so should your office life.

Here are 6 epic office fails you should avoid at all cost.

The casual office fling

So the 23 year old chick at work, who sits opposite you is smoking hot! That doesn’t mean you need to try and get into her pants (even if you are single). Office flings are dangerous territory and seldom does it ever work out for the best. The more likely scenario is it ends badly, she is a steaming hot mess, and for months afterwards you have those awkward encounters at the water cooler and the weekly sales meeting. Plus, news travels fast in small environments like the office – you think the whole thing is discreet but when James in finance gives you a high five for no particular reason it ain’t got to do with your sales report china. Trust me.

Talking about your boss behind his back

Like him or hate him, your boss pays your salary. So its probably not a great idea to be caught talking crap about the guy. The walls have ears and when the cookie crumbles (and it always crumbles) all the office jock,s you call mates, are gonna rat you out like a scene from the Godfather – “We didn’t say anything, it was him!” You will be the one left looking like a dick and that promotion you have been looking for is going to go down in flames quick than the Malaysian MH17 flight.

Leaving your lunch in the fridge for 3 months

If you are going to bring lunch to work that’s cool. What isn’t cool is leaving it in the fridge for 3 months and creating a friggin Bio-hazardous zone. Eat your lunch, wash your tupperware, take it home. Like you did at school.

Parking in someone else’s bay

We are creatures of habit, so when you take a liberty and pull your car into a reserved parking bay you are likely to piss someone off. You don’t want to piss on the top dogs patch either. The parking bay closest to the entrance probably isn’t ear-marked for you champ. It’s more likely the parking bay of the guy who pays the salaries, so don’t take a chance.

Hangovers on important mornings

Everybody is due the occasional big night. It can actually give you a little street cred. But getting smashed the night before a big meetingĀ  is just going to leave you in serious trouble. Arriving at an important meeting sucking on a 2l water bottle and being unable to string a sentence together isn’t going to win anyone over. Plus you cant fake a hangover, so try avoid it during the week and make up for it on the weekend.

Have I missed any others? Let us know


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