I don’t know a guy who doesn’t enjoy a good video clip (or ten), so I’ve decided to scour the internet for some of the best video clips out there. It’s almost weekend time, so grab a cuppa java, and before you get to those pressing issues, mounting up in your inbox, kick back and give these vids a run. Let me know if you like the type of video content by giving it an overall star rating at the end of the post.

Brutal WWE Moves Performed On Chicks

This video has gone viral and if you are looking for a throw back to your WWF viewing days (it’s now known as WWE), watch this kid hurl a couple of chicks around using iconic WWE moves. It’s backed by original WWE commentary which makes it a classic watch and it is the pick of the week for me.

Apple Watch – The TV Ad

Earlier this week Apple launched the Apple Watch, their first product offering in 5 years.  I’ve been following all the hullabaloo and there seems to be  mixed feelings about it. As always, some are hailing it as the next best thing since sliced bread, while other, less impressed techies are calling it “average at best”. If you ask me, it looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure I’m going to run out and buy one when they finally land on our shores. Great TV Ad, which is what you would expect from Apple. Give it a watch (excuse the pun)


Women Watch Porn For The First Time

If you are a guy and you say you have never ever watched any porn, you are lying! But I do believe there are some chicks out there who probably haven’t seen any x-rated action. In this video, they get a couple of broads, who have never watched any porn, to view it for the first time…while filming them.  Just watch their reactions…

Hugh Jackman & Jimmy Fallon Rock A Mullet

Jimmy Fallon is the hottest property in the States at the moment! If you aren’t PVRing his Tonight Show episodes, on MTV, make sure you start doing so. Give two blokes a couple of wigs and you know there are bound to be a few laughs.

Zoolander 2 – Great PR Stunt

Can you believe they are doing a sequel? I love it! And how smart is this PR stunt? To announce the movie Zoolander 2, coming out in February 2016, they got Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to do a quick cameo at Fashion Week in Paris. The place went absolutely mad as Derek and Hansel smoked it on the catwalk. Look out for the hit of ice cold “Bluesteel”


Game of Thrones – Session 5 Trailer

Jeez, I cant wait until April rolls around and for the new session of Game of Thrones to start! They had me gripped after one episode and now I’m hooked like a junkie on tik. It’s going to be one helluva ride, so give the trailer a quick squiz and wet your appetite.


Human Cannonball – GoPro Footage

Earlier this week I did a post on young billionaires, and included in that list was Nick Woodman, the founder of GoPro. Do you want to know why this guy is a billionaire? Just watch this video of a chick being shot out of a cannon and you will realize why his cameras have become so damn popular.

Who’s The Boss Of Wall Street

If “The Wolf of Wall Street” was shot as an 80’s sitcom, this is what it would look and sound like. When the classic jingle from Who’s the Boss hits your eardrums it’s going to magically transport you back to a time when things seemed so much simpler.

“Old Man Funk” – Bruno Mars Cover

Watch these old-timers take the Bruno Mars smash hit and give it a little ‘old school swagger’. I think it’s better than the original music video, and that’s saying something.

Feel free to leave any comments and let me know what type of video material you want to see on the blog.