I recently had a small bathroom renovation at my house go so wrong, so quickly, that I ended up showering at the gym for three weeks. I learnt two important lessons from this nasty little experience: Firstly, I should have vetted the contractor a bit better before giving him the go-ahead, but the second lesson was far more important – we all need to do our best work everyday, or rather not pitch up at all.

Let me explain…

The renovation I needed completed shouldn’t have taken any longer than 3 days, tops. It ended up taking 3 weeks, cost me more than I expected and literally drove my stress levels through the roof.

I’m not going to bore you to death with the gruesome details, but it was a typical small contractor story. The guy was trying to juggle too many balls, was hustling too hard and ultimately lost control of the whole project. He got paid, I took a shower at the gym for three weeks and my bathroom still isn’t completely finished.

Life is all about expectations, isn’t it? Whether you are selling a service or a product, at the very least we owe it to the people, who are paying us, to meet those expectations.

For some, meeting expectations isn’t enough, smashing expectations and blowing minds is the bare minimum – Steve Jobs

If you fail to meet expectations, those opening their wallets will become resentful and bitter very quickly.

Do your best work everyday and while you might make a few mistakes along the way (for which you will be forgiven) you will win more customers than you will lose.

To the contractor who did a half ass job on my bathroom, it’s a pity my friend, I would have put you onto 5 other paying clients by now. You just needed to get it done properly!

When did doing stuff below par become the benchmark?


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