‘Know who your target market is’, is something they teach you on the first day of marketing school. Find out who your customer is, what they need, and focus your attention on delivering a product or service to them.

On the weekend, while picking up a six-pack for a braai, I witnessed an “old school” marketing trick, so simple and direct in nature, yet still undeniably effective (the results speak for themselves).

When last did you see the “hot in-store promo chick”?

I bumped into one on the weekend and almost left the store with a bottle of horrible tasting, overpriced melktert tequila (melktert & tequila, yeah I know!)

Sex sells, doesn’t it? It’s been true for the last 2000 years and is still true in 2016.

Get a sexy young 19 year old blonde chick to pull on a tight tank top and a pair of hot pants, give her 20 cases of crappy tasting melktert tequila to sell in a bottle store, and guess what? By the time 11h00 rolls around she won’t have a bottle left.

“Hey mista, do you want to taste this crazy new tequila that’s just hit the market” is what the young in-store Pamela Anderson hit me with as I was making my way to the check-out line at my local bottle store.

“Sure, why not” was my instinctive retort. “Looks like you’ve had a good day”, I inquired, asĀ  I looked down at the dozens of empty boxes strewn around her promotional station.

“Ya, who would have know this stuff would be so popular with the guys. I’m almost sold out” she giggled back. “So what do you think, do you want to take the last bottle?”

Now, let me tell you how god damn awful this stuff was. Its like someone had stuffed a few milk tarts into a bottle and added a little turpentine (for vooma). Not for me!

But, it doesn’t matter how bad the product is! What matters is whether you can sell it or not! Every guy checking out of that bottle store that morning had to face a beautiful young, confident 19 year old, with a ‘set’ to boot and a gorgeous smile.

And here are the simple stats from the guys checking out:-

50% of the guys would have tasted the tequila (including me) because how can you say no to a face like that.

25% of the guys who tasted the tequila (even though it was awful) wouldn’t have been able to refuse “Promo Pamela” and just bought a bottle at R199.

And the guys marketing the product know this all too well.

Want to sell anything to guys? Get yourself a squad of “Promo Pamelas”. Most guys can’t resist a gorgeous smile and a set of boobs.

Let us know the last time you were sold something by a hot sales chick.