Pay a man what he is worth! I’ve never had a problem with anyone earning boodles of cash, as long as they deserve it. Often I will jump at the defense of top CEOs earning big bucks because, if a guy takes a business and makes it highly profitable, my stance has always been, pay the man what he is worth. It did, however, leave a bad taste in my mouth when I recently heard how much our honourable President Jacob Zuma is earning.

Did you know President Zuma earns 26 times more than the average South African citizen?

Yip, he has got himself nicely nestled in 11th spot when it comes to the world’s highest paid political leaders of 2015.

1. Lee Hsien LoongSingapore$2,183,516 per annum
2. CY LeungHong Kong$530,000 per annum
3. Barack ObamaUnited States$400,000 per annum
4. Tony AbbottAustralia$345,000 per annum
5. Michael HigginsIreland$340,000 per annum
6. Xavier BettelLuxembourg $340,000 per annum
7. Stephen HarperCanada$296,400 per annum
8. John KeyNew Zealand$290,000 per annum
9. Angela MerkelGermany$283,608 per annum
10. Shinzo AbeJapan$273,000 per annum
11. Jacob ZumaSouth Africa$272,000 per annum
12. Giorgio NapolitanoItaly$270,000 per annum
13. Francois HollandeFrance$230,000 per annum
14. David CameronUnited Kingdom$215,000 per annum
15. Sauli NiinistoFinland$190,000 per annum
16. Olafur GrimssonIceland$188,000 per annum
17. Ma Ying-jeouTaiwan$184,000 per annum
18. Mark RutteNetherlands$170,000 per annum

Source: Richest Lifestyle

When you look at these numbers something doesn’t add up, right? It leaves me asking a few questions:

  • Why is it that a president of a struggling 3rd world country is earning as much as leaders of wealthy 1st world nations?
  • Do you see any other African heads of state on this list? The Kenyan president is on $132 000 per annum (50% of Zuma’s pay cheque)
  • How can Zuma justify a +- R2,7 million annual pay cheque?

It’s absolutely laughable and again points to a glaring issue in this country – the people we have appointed to run this country are more interested in lining their own pockets than they are in serving us.

Mr Zuma, you are not nearly worth R2,7 million a year! Unfortunately Sir, based on what I’ve seen you do over the last couple of years, you would be lucky to earn R120 000 per year, if I had it my way.

It’s time to get off the gravy train Jacob Zuma! Prove to us you are worth R2, 7 million per year…

How much should our president be earning? Participate in the poll, below, and feel free to leave your comments. I know you will have a few things to share 🙂




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