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Vince McMahon and The WWE Global Machine Part 4

The Madison Square Garden Curtain Call   In April of 1996, shortly after WrestleMania 12 where Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart delivered an unforgettable Iron Man match, two of the WWF's biggest stars, Razor Ramon(Scott Hall) and Big Daddy Cool Diesel(Kevin Nash)...

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Vince McMahon and The WWE Global Machine Part 3

WrestleMania 1 Whilst pushing for the WWF to be syndicated nationally on tv, Vince McMahon turned his company into a traveling national tour. But this tour required a massive capital outlay, combined with his talent raiding spree, McMahon needed to come up with...

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Vince McMahon and The WWE Global Machine Part 2

Pro Wrestling: A Brief History The origins of professional wrestling can be traced as far back as 19th century Europe before finding its way across the Atlantic to the carnivals in the United States. But due to an increase in popularity, pro wrestling severed ties...

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Vince McMahon and The WWE Global Machine Part 1

Over the last 40 years, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has built a sports entertainment juggernaut. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is by quite some distance, the largest and most successful professional wrestling company in the world. But the path to billionaire status...

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The best sports movies of all time

Who doesn't love a good sports film, especially a film where the good guys win. Because in the real world, your favourite sports team is more likely to let you down. Motivational training montages, cheesy music, roaring speeches, underdog comebacks, honestly what’s...

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Let’s check out the sporting highlights from 2019

2019 was, for better or worse, another unforgettable year in the world of sports. Lewis Hamilton claimed another F1 World Championship and is well on his way to becoming the most decorated driver in the history of the sport. Naomi Osaka seems to be the heir apparent...

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What makes that Springbok World Cup win so remarkable?

We did a post a short while ago on how the Springboks were finally on the right track but to be honest I don't think many people truly expected us to go all the way and win the World Cup, and with relative ease. Nobody can argue that South Africa isn't in a...

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Are the Springboks finally on the right track?

I must say, I've lost quite a bit of interest in rugby over the last few years but I always watch the Boks. It's been a rough last 12 years for us since we won the 2007 World Cup. We haven't won the Rugby Championships since its inception in 2012, largely due to the...

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Can Bafana beat the odds in AFCON 2019? Part 2

Our Opponents Morocco/Atlas Lions FIFA Ranking: 47 CAF Ranking: 4 Afcon Best Place: Champions 1976 Player To Watch: Hakim Ziyech Forward/Ajax Amsterdam Odds: 13/1 Ivory Coast/The Elephants FIFA Ranking: 62 CAF Ranking: 11 Afcon Best Place: Champions 1992, 2015 Player...

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