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Shouldn’t us dudes have a National Men’s Day?

We shouldn’t forget Human Rights Day tomorrow. The Sharpeville Massacre which took place on the 21st of March 1960 is a sombre reminder of the long walk South Africa has taken to achieve a free and fair democracy. Whatever your plans are this Public Holiday, spare a...

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The 10 funniest comedians of all time!

In no particular order, we go through who we think are the 10 best comedians of all time. Hope you enjoy and let us know who your favourite is in the comments section below & if there is anyone we have left out that would make your top 10? 1: Billy Connolly 2:...

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The 10 highest earning female athletes in 2018

There have been many debates about whether or not female athletes should earn the same prize money as men. This may be true (apart from in Grand Slam tennis where they earn exactly the same prize money) but in my opinion, it can be largely attributed to the fact that...

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Is marriage really all that it’s cracked up to be?

When you look at how high the divorce rates are currently, it’s hard not to see that marriages can be very difficult to sustain. The question is why? I mean let’s look at the battle between the commitment required to keep a marriage working and the societal pressures...

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Hot female athletes you’ve probably never heard of

When you think of sexy female athletes, what names spring to mind? Maria Sharapova, perhaps? Yeah we know she is hot, but we've been trawling the internet looking for other less known female athletes who might give Maria a run for her money. The good news is we found...

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The world’s highest paid athletes in 2018

1: Floyd Mayweather Earnings: $275 million Floyd’s fight with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas last year generated a staggering $550 million in revenue, with Mayweather earning $275 million. He was the reason the bout generated so much money, but McGregor helped with the...

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