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Hot female athletes you’ve probably never heard of

When you think of sexy female athletes, what names spring to mind? Maria Sharapova, perhaps? Yeah we know she is hot, but we've been trawling the internet looking for other less known female athletes who might give Maria a run for her money. The good news is we found...

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The world’s highest paid athletes in 2018

1: Floyd Mayweather Earnings: $275 million Floyd’s fight with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas last year generated a staggering $550 million in revenue, with Mayweather earning $275 million. He was the reason the bout generated so much money, but McGregor helped with the...

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The highest paid women in the adult film industry

We find it interesting as to why people actually get into this stuff. If you read the below figures you'll see why it's a favourable industry for some. We were really interested in finding out what the highest paid women in the adult film industry have earned. The...

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Do you remember these classic TV shows?

If you are in your late twenties you might not recognize some of the names on this list. It's not your fault, you weren't even born when these TV series aired for the first time. But, for some of us, this blog post will take you down memory lane - back to a time when...

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19 new “Manly” words added to the Oxford Dictionary

You know they are continuously adding new words to the dictionary, right? I recently spotted 19 new words that have been added to the Oxford Dictionary in the last year & I believe every bloke should be introducing them into his daily vocabulary - or, at the very...

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19 hot daughters of somewhat forgotten stars

The other day I watched a movie starring a much younger Demi Moore and it got me thinking - I wonder what the hottest daughters of forgotten older stars look like? So, I decided to jump onto the internet to do a little research and I've found 19 gorgeous women you...

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