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I paid homage to Converse & wore my sneakers for 30 days!

To say I love Converse sneakers is the understatement of the century! Ever since I was a school kid, pushing a skateboard around, I've had a scuffed up pair of Converse lying around the house. So in the month of July I set myself a task - let's just say I wanted to...

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10 essential wardrobe items every bloke should own

Gentleman, it doesn’t take a million bucks to look like a million bucks! It actually just takes knowing what essential items you need hanging up in your cupboard. Here are ten essential wardrobe items every bloke should own. A decent pair of fitted jeans You get what...

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Are all South Africans feeling the pinch?

I'm not sure about you but it feels like things are getting tighter and tighter? It honestly feels like there isn't much left in the bank account once all the bills have been paid, and the noose around my neck is starting to feel more than a little uncomfortable. And...

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What makes wealthy people different?

Have you ever been out and heard the thunderous roar of a Ferrari or Lamborghini coming down the street? A car like that is a head turner and inevitably, as soon as the car is in sight, all the people in the nearby coffee shops, restaurants or bars magnetically turn...

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10 cool guys earning billions of dollars!

Every year they publish it, and every year it makes me feel nauseous. It's not so much that I am jealous, it's just that I am...well I guess I am a little jealous! I'm talking about the list of folk, around the world, who don't deal in millions anymore...they deal in...

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The best money advice you could ever receive

The most important bit of money advice I've ever received, was from a 65 year old Texan, who, after a few beers, told me something which has stuck tighter than a pair of sweaty lycra cycling shorts. And, while there are tons of solid money tips floating around, this...

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How to avoid singing the January cash-flow blues!

January’s cash flow can be tighter than Jose Mourinho's back four. There are simply more days left in the month than there are bucks in the bank. So how do you go about making sure January 2016 is better than the start of this year? Let me start off by saying I've...

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Is your bird burning holes in your credit card?

Hey, I'm all for sharing the the loot you collectively earn, but is your bird burning holes in your credit card? And what does that say about her? That's the real question man. The one thing guaranteed to bust up your relationship, and ultimately your marriage, is...

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Become a world famous DJ at 75

You will get old, that is a fact! But will retirement 40 years down the line look anything like it does today?  The retirement game has changed and if you want to become a world famous DJ at 75, you can. The only thing that needs to change is your thinking. Consider...

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