What do you get if you add alcohol and a music playing device, of some sorts, to a group of 30 something year old’s? More often than not, it’s a drunken trip down music memory lane, with some guy inevitably doing the robot (or the worm depending if Tequila is in the mix).  On Saturday a couple of us pulled out some classic dance tracks from the late 80’s & 90’s, which we hadn’t heard in two decades…and I’m guessing you haven’t either! Before you start putting in your shift today, you must give these a listen:

Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic – 1989

Ok, so the release date was 1989, so not quite the 90’s but it had to make my top ten list simply because it’s a friggin dance classic! The Belgian act was a global phenomenon and I probably ran this cassette through my “boom box” a million times.

Mr Vain – Culture Beat – 1993

Who can forget the German Eurodance group, Culture Beat? 1993 was the year, Serenity was the album and every dance floor across the globe was the willing recipient.

Push It – Salt-N-Pepa – 1987

A hip-hop classic that earned the female group notoriety and still remains a party starter  almost 30 years down the line.

No Limit – 2 Unlimited – 1993

The Dutch dance group smashed it out the park with this album. I can’t recall a radio station that didn’t play this particular track 3 times a day (and 33 times on the weekend).

100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters – 1994

My personal pick of the bunch. The single spent a total of 45 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming one of the longest charting singles in the U.S. to date. If you’re going to give any particular track a spin, this is the one.

Rhythm of the Night – Corona – 1993

These boys were Italian (and I don’t recall them doing much after this). But who cares, they probably made a fortune and they sure as hell gave us something to dance to in the mid 90’s.

The Power – SNAP – 1990

Was there a bigger song to jump start dance music in the 90’s? Probably not! Another bunch of Germans, another global smash hit and another cassette that got serious play time on the old “boom box”.

Rhythm is a Dancer – SNAP – 1992

Same crowd, same sound, and another early 90’s classic.

Get Ready For This – 2 Unlimited – 1992

Only a year before their global smash hit “No Limit”, let’s just say “Get Ready For This” was the precursor.


Everybody’s Free – Rozalla – 1991

Rozalla Miller, better known simply as Rozalla is a Zambian dance music performer who gave us a dance classic hit in the early 90’s that still deserves some play time.

You got a favourite or another dance track from the 90’s that we’ve missed? Let us know below 🙂


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