Who really has the best chicken wings in South Africa? I wanted to find out, so this weekend I went on a mission to feast on wings. I picked 5 outlets, everybody is pretty familiar with, opened up my wallet and prepared my stomach. Now that the chicken run is over, I believe I have found, Rand for Rand, the best chicken wings in SA.

The outlets I visited were: Chesa Nyama, Chicken Licken, KFC, Nandos and Spur. Below is what I paid on a per wing basis:-

Outlet Price/Wing
Chesa Nyama R 4,60
Chicken Licken R 3,65
KFC R 3,98
Nandos R 9,96
Spur R 9,15

But price isn’t everything right? You would pay R20 for a chicken wing if you believed it was the best chicken wing in the world! In order to give everyone a fair chance, I decided to devise my own scoring system. Each outlet would be given a score out of ten based on the following criteria:-

  • Value for money
  • Meat on the bone
  • Flavour

Add up the scores and I found my winner. This is how they stacked up against one and another:

Chesa Nyama

  • Value for Money 9/10
  • Meat On The Bone 8/10
  • Flavour 9/10
  • Total Score 26/30

If you haven’t had the wings at Chesa Nyama you need to pop into your nearest outlet. They are insane! Really nice sized wings, flame grilled to perfection with a generous helping of kick-ass sticky barbeque sauce. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more!


Chicken Licken

  • Value For Money 8/10
  • Meat On The Bone 7/10
  • Flavour 8/10
  • Total Score 23/30

At R3,65 per wing you get plenty value for money, but, when compared to a couple of other outlets, the wings are a little on the smallish side. That being said, if you are a fan of the legendary Chicken Licken ‘Soul Fire’ sauce, you can’t find a better combination on the market.

chicken licken


  • Value For Money 8/10
  • Meat On The Bone 7/10
  • Flavour 5/10
  • Total Score 20/30

KFC is an institution and, while they are reasonably priced and you get good “wing for your buck”, unless you opt for taking an additional sauce, it gets a little boring after about wing no 3. A square meal, but a little uninspiring.



  • Value For Money 6/10
  • Meat On The Bone 7/10
  • Flavour 9/10
  • Total Score 22/30

At almost R10 per wing, Nandos has priced their fowls at the very top end. You can’t fault them on flavour and you get a pretty reasonable portion of chow, but for the same price you can get twice as many wings at a few of their competitors. Shave a little off the price and I think Nandos has a shot at the ‘top wing spot’.



  • Value For Money 2/10
  • Meat On The Bone 3/10
  • Flavour 1/10
  • Total Score 6/30

What an absolutely shocking experience! This was hands down the worst R55 I have spent in a long time. Dry, nasty and barely edible, I had one wing and decided to return the wings and get my money back.


So there you have it! The best wings in South Africa according to SLEB are:

1. Chesa Nyama
2. Chicken Licken
3. Nandos
4. KFC
5. Spur

You got a favourite out of this bunch? Let me know. If you’ve tasted a better wing, outside of these 5 outlets, drop us a line.


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