Hey! Wait! I’ve got a new complaint – Kurt Cobain wouldn’t mind me stealing that line if he knew about “gym selfies”.

Listen, I’ve been known to take the odd “selfie”, but when did it become OK for guys to start taking pictures of themselves at gym? And then tag it with something stupid like – #feelingpumped or #ripped – and ping it on to everyone.

Like anyone wants to see that crap!

No No No…

  • Having a drunken blast with your mates? Send a selfie pic
  • Chilling with your missus on the beach? Send your mates a selfie pic
  • Playing around with your kids in the pool? Lekker, stuur die selfie pic

But don’t send me your pre, during & post gym work-out pictures!

Narcissism has reached new levels when you need to point the camera at yourself during your workout (and then send it to your mates).

And if you don’t know what “Narcissism” means, it’s time to skip “leg day” and make it a “book day”

Got a view on this “selfie” phenomenon? Feel free to leave your comments