Weightlifting often gets a bad rep. From as far back as I can remember, someone who lifted weights would get mocked for not having much between the ears or because that individual is trying to compensate for other areas of their body.

Before I became a Personal Trainer, I would draw a lot of negative comments from my former colleagues in regards to my lifestyle.

Opinion ranged from my physique to the type of food I was eating, and the amount I ate. Imagine being ridiculed for eating chicken and vegetables. I just had to learn to brush off the teasing and remember why I do what I do. On the surface, it isn’t a glamorous lifestyle. Waking up at 4:30 am to put yourself through some serious pain.

Wolfing down tuna, dry chicken and green beans on the regular. Spending a small fortune on food and supplements every month. Let’s be honest, it’s easier not to go to the gym. It’s easier to buy a Steers burger than to cook a pot of mincemeat and rice.

And if your hard work with the weights has led to some progress, accusations of steroid use are very likely headed your way. So with all this in mind, why bother you might say. So here are some reasons why lifting weights is a worthwhile pursuit.


What man doesn’t enjoy having his ego stroked? The compliments that come with having above average sized muscles is an awesome feeling. Even if most of those compliments are from other men, it makes the struggle worth it. Besides, if you’ve seen Justice League or The Avengers movies, Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa didn’t spend hours toiling away in the gym just so they could walk around without taking the tops off. Is there a movie Jason Statham doesn’t show off his ultra shredded torso?

Better Mood

 Most days after my session, my mood is better afterwards. It could be that feeling of accomplishment after moving some heavy metal around. It could be that I’ve just been listening to a playlist of some of my favourite songs for the best part of an hour. Sports scientists have a term for what your body goes through during exercise: releasing endorphins. Whatever you want to call it, my mood is better after lifting weights. It just is.

Feeling the Pump

The pump occurs when blood rushes to the muscle area that is being trained, causing the muscles to swell in size temporarily. The pump is a feeling that really can’t be described, you have to experience it for yourself. Another reason for the upswing in mood.

Stress Reliever

One of my mates once told me that if he didn’t go to the gym to lift weights he might end up ripping someone’s head off. And I believe him. Of course, he meant that figuratively. I think. Whatever pent up aggression or stress-related energy you have, tossing around some iron for an hour is a great way to go. This isn’t me giving medical advice, but it’s an avenue worth pursuing to lower your stress levels. This is South Africa, we definitely have stress in our lives

Physiological Adaption

 As a result of the workload you introduce to your body when you begin lifting weights, your body undergoes changes to adapt to the new stress. Bigger and stronger muscles are the most obvious change. Your heart will also get stronger to deal with the increase in blood flow. This could play a pivotal role in the fight against heart disease. Your bones, ligaments, and cartilage will also get stronger. And as you get older, this can help to prevent bone and joint related diseases. The body’s ageing process will also be slowed down.

Faster Metabolism

 A fast metabolism is important for anyone looking to get lean and remain lean. The more muscle you carry, the more energy that is required by your body to maintain that muscle mass. So even at rest, your body will be burning calories. Now you don’t have to carry as much muscle as prime Ronnie Coleman(which is highly unlikely anyway), in case you were wondering.

Higher Testosterone Levels

 Again, I am not giving medical advice. High testosterone levels are really important for men. I could get really technical as to why, or give a long explanation. But for me, the main reason for having high testosterone levels is a stronger libido. Enough said.


Please seek advice from your GP if you’re suffering from any pre-existing medical condition/s before considering embarking on an exercise programme. Neither Sleb nor Sizwe Luthuyi may be held liable for any medical complication/s. Only do exercise programmes in accordance with your health practitioner.

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